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Welcome to Patience Promises Love LLC everyone favorite natural skin line. We provide an unparalleled selection of quality products, an easy shopping experience, local deliveries, exceptional customer service, and the best prices. Check out our collection today.


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Welcome to our family-owned business, Patience Promises Love LLC. Our business is named after our daughters Promise and Patience, who we are striving to establish a foundation. Patience was born with a severe CHD, which required her to have two open heart surgeries, while being inpatient for 157 days. We are blessed to still have her here with us today, to speak of her testimony, give hope to others, and spread awareness of her rare medical conditions.  Due to Patience sensitivity, we had ensured that anything we apply to her skin will be 100% pure, natural, or organic, with no harmful, or harsh ingredients. This is why all of our handmade products are non-preservatives and non-gmo. Every product is made with organic unrefined carrier oils packed with antioxidants, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties + love.

We are excited to share a piece of our passion with you, thank you for your support.

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Family Owned
Syracuse, NY
Est. 2020

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